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Stara Planina

Under the snow almost five months a year, at an altitude of 1,100 to 1,900 meters, which creates ideal conditions for skiing . Ski Center Stara Planina is situated at an altitude of 1.723m, the maximum height difference is 495m, the longest track has 1.155m. Ski gondola, the first and only company in Serbia, connecting the hotel with the Stara Planina Konjarnik ski trail. Maximum capacity ski gondola is 2,400 skiers per hour in 40 cabins, a four-seater chairlift also receives 2,400 skiers per hour.

Within the ski center of Stara Planina is provided artificial snow on more than 4km track, of the total 13km track, so that in case of lack of natural snow, visitors to the center can enjoy winter sports. Ski school work throughout the season. Stara Planina is equally attractive for active holidays in all seasons, both for amateurs of all ages, and for lovers of extreme sports.

Stara Planina, high mountain massif. The main long range is about 550 kilometers long, and stretches from Zajecar to the Black Sea. Part of this wreath marks the natural border between Serbia and Bulgaria. Stara Planina bears a different name - Balkan, by which the whole of the Balkan Peninsula was named.

The highest peak in the district, is Midžor 2,169 meters high. Part of the mountain, which extends through Serbia belongs to the municipalities of Zaječar, Knjaževac, Pirot and Dimitrovgrad. On the Stara Planina Government temperate continental climate, modified with respect to the altitude and position of the mountain.

As a nature park Stara Planina offers plenty of opportunities to walk through the mountain paths during reading herbs and mushrooms, enjoy the numerous monuments of nature or simply watch the birds in the protected area of ​​IBA. The trails and mountain roads are part of the Stara Planina European pedestrian corridors E4, which comes from the direction Sokobanje on Babin zub continues to Bulgaria. Also popular are 'off-road' driving all-terrain vehicles, jeeps own or leased kvadijem. Zavojsko lake, in addition to fishing during the summer and perfect for swimming. Flora and fauna in Stara Planina is specific. At the foot of Babin Zub is habitat for subalpine beech, and in streams and rivers has brook trout. Stara Planina is rich in medicinal herbs and mushrooms, a habitat for many species of rare plants.

 In the villages at the foot of Stara Planina will be welcomed by friendly hosts, always ready to offer passengers the original table, which will be sure to find a "belmuž", a specialty of the region, made from cheese and corn flour.

The luxurious beauty of Stara Planina overwhelmed and plunder, not only in winter but throughout the year. It is an ideal place for nature lovers who want to discover the immense wealth of this mountain beauty in eastern Serbia.