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A spacious Zlatibor plateau is located in the southwestern part of Serbia, at an altitude of 700 to 1500 m, 238 km from Belgrade. The highest mountain peaks are Tornik (1,496 m) and Čigota (1,422 m).

Due to the specific climate and characteristic air currents, continental and Mediterranean, which can be found only here, harmonious relationship between forested landscapes dishes, pine and spruce forests and vast meadows, covered with colorful plants, rivers and streams, unpolluted air, clean water and healthy, large number of sunny days a year, hospitable hosts, beautiful skiing terrain, Zlatibor has developed into a famous summer and winter tourist resort, with the longest tradition among the mountains in Serbia. For the official start of tourism on Zlatibor is considered the arrival of King Aleksandar Obrenovic Kulaševac 1893, when the place got its name - "the Royal Water".
Zlatibor is crisscrossed by rivers (Crni Rzav, Veliki Rzav, Sušica) and streams, which are rich in various kinds of fish: chub, gudgeon, trout, grayling and sprout. On Zlatibor there are two artificial lakes. The larger lake is Ribnici on the river Crni Rzav. In the center of the tourist resort Zlatibor is located less lake, built for tourist purposes. Surrounded by pleasant paths for walking, benches for guests who fly can swim, sunbathe, and in the winter to skate on the frozen surface of the lake.
Zlatibor is known as a ski center. Skiers beginners and children will enjoy the gentle slopes Obudovica (smaller ski lift 250 m in length), while better skiers will opt to go to Tornik and some of his tracks. Sports center "Tornik" is located at an altitude of 1110-1490 m, 9 km from the tourist center. The trails, which has four (Čigota, Tornik, Rayon, Zmajevac), suitable for competitions in slalom, giant slalom and super-G. Connect them three ski-lifts. in the central part of Zlatibor there are trails for ski running and biathlon, which due to its transparency, and the configuration of the field, rank among the most beautiful in Europe.
Throughout the year preparing for Zlatibor choice of many top sports clubs, as well as individuals, are organized basketball camps, schools, paragliding, tennis, skiing, swimming ...
Zlatibor is one of our largest centers of congress tourism. A large number of congresses seminars and symposiums held here throughout the year.
One of the most common forms of tourism on Zlatibor is certainly recreation. On Zlatibor will often see hikers moving some of the walking paths (up to Čigota, canyons Rzava, Citadels, Oka, Black top, Ribnik lakes) or who otherwise explore the beauty of Zlatibor.
Medical research has shown that the climate of Zlatibor suitable for maintaining health and fitness, healthy people, as well as for the treatment of various lung diseases, anemia, minor disorders of the heart and blood vessels, especially disorders of the thyroid gland, which is treated at the Institute "Čigota".